Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Music: Haley Reinhart - "Free"

Finally! Haley Reinhart's single "Free" has been released. This comes days before the song sees its official release on iTunes on March 20th. The cut is pretty good! I was expecting a flower-child, sunnier song, but this helpful slice of funk-pop soul definitely makes it above the mark. Haley's super rasp voice soars in all aspects of the track. Hopefully she breaks through the music world and gets a hit with this. Reinhart is set to perform the song on American Idol this Thursday. Keep it locked to EntertainmentEmpire for Haley news!


Picture Time: Nicki Minaj shoots "Starships" video in Hawaii

Nicki Minaj is enjoying much success with her pop single "Starships" right now (can I get a Roman Reloaded anybody?), which stands at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. The rapper has taken to Hawaii to film the video for the single. It looks like Nicki is about to slay the video so we'll just hope she delivers. Credit to Nicki Daily for the photo!


Alexandra Burke performs "Elephant" on This Morning

Sitting at #2 on UK iTunes, primed for a top debut this week on the UK Singles Chart, pop maven Alexandra Burke took to This Morning to perform her single "Elephant."Alex worked. Simple. Peep her performance and interview below.


Friday, March 9, 2012

New Video: Usher - "Climax"

After surprising us with his brilliant new single "Climax", Usher has surprised us yet again with the release of the dark video for the song. Shot in his city of Atlanta, the singer sits outside his ex-girlfriend's house in his car with a gun. He reminisces on their better times, and has visions of him shooting her new lover. He ultimately drives off, but it is left up to the viewer's interpretation of what he ended up doing. Simple but deep concept. Great video for a brilliant song. Enough said. Kudos to Usher! Read more to view.


Picture Time: Demi Lovato hangs with Logan Henderson at Big Time Movie premiere

Peep pop starlet Demi Lovato with Big Time Rush's Logan Henderson at the premiere of their movie, Big Time Movie, which makes its premiere this Saturday at 8pm on Nickelodeon. Demi just recently premiered her documentary Stay Strong this week on MTV.


New Video: Young Jeezy f/Ne-Yo - "How I Feel"

Rapper Young Jeezy has orchestrated a mini-movie for his video for the single "Leave You Alone" featuring Ne-Yo, their collaboration on TM: 103: Hustlerz Ambition. In the video Jeezy enters a dangerous romance with a Latina diva whose brothers are a part of a gang that rival Jeezy's. Read more to view.


Video Preview: Madonna - "Girl Gone Wild"

Madonna has released a preview of the clip for her new single "Girl Gone Wild." While she delivered the cheese with the "Give Me All Your Luvin" video, Madonna is stirring up the controversy this go around and is really going for a harder-hiting video this time. I'll wait until the whole video is released before I comment more, but I feel like Madonna is on to something with this one. Read more to see the clip.


Nicki Minaj reveals deluxe album cover; says 22 tracks.

It must be something in the water. After Ashanti revealed the horrific cover for Braveheart, Nicki Minaj seems to be just as bad with the unveiling of the deluxe edition cover of her sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. This looks like a bad fan cover and they just wanted to play around with Photoshop. Nicki is pushing mainstream, why in the world would she want to go topless on the cover....anyway..

While we loved the crazed standard version cover, this one is a bit fried. But in better news, Minaj said on Twitter that her album will have a whopping 22 tracks!! Although this is a lot, and people are noting how the industry has changed limiting artists to fewer tracks, hopefully Nicki works wonders and delivers an album full of greatness!


Katy Perry announces 3D movie plans

Add pop star Katy Perry to the list of singers who have made 3D movies from their successful concert tours. Perry confirmed via Twitter that Katy Perry: Part of Me will be released by Paramount Pictures this summer. This comes just as the singer is reading the re-release of her opus Teenage Dream soon. Hopefully Perry fares well in this venture seeing as if some do well (Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber) while others flop (Jonas Brothers, Glee cast). Will you be checking for "Part of Me" 3D concert film?


Ashanti reveals Braveheart album cover; tracklist unveiled

I know the world is thinking a resounding "WTF Ashanti" as the R&B singer released the album cover for her new album, Braveheart, coming soon. From the braid to the blue lipstick, this album cover reaks and I have no idea why she turned this direction, the way she looked in the promotional photos from "The Woman You Love "were just fine. The track list has also surfaced, and will feature appearances from Busta Rhymes, R. Kelly, and Keyshia Cole. Read more to view the tentative track list for Braveheart.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Single Cover: Haley Reinhart - "Free"

Haley Reinhart has revealed the fantastically awesome single cover for her upcoming track "Free", which will be released March 20. It looks like Haley will be going for a retro look for this album, and I absolutely love it! Move over Lana del Rey, Haley has arrived! The cover is so stunning, it reminds me of a beach, old fashioned radios, and 50s black and white tv shows. Hopefully Reinhart runs with this theme. Haley will perform the Busbee-produce single on March 27 on FOX's 90210.


New Video: Dev f/Fabolous - "Kiss My Lips"

Many like myself never checked for electro upstart Dev because she was basically a poor man's Ke$ha. However I was enlightened when the video for her latest single from her debut album, The Night the Sun Came Up - "Kiss My Lips" featuring Fabolous premiered today. In an interesting turn of sounds, Dev moves away from the her poppier efforts and goes slightly urban in the hot track with Fabo. The DJ Kue production reminds me a lot of Tinie Tempah's "Pass Out." To even make things better, instead of the corny "talking" she usually does in her songs, she sings! I can't believe I actually like a Dev song. With the right efforts, Loso & Dev could be onto a hit, read more to view.


Melanie Amaro deep in album production; working with surprise guests

According to Billboard, Melanie Amaro is already hard at work on her debut album, completing four our or five songs for it, which are a mixture of ballads and "upbeat pop songs." We know she is working with L.A. Reid and Tricky Stewart on the effort, but she would not divulge the names of other writers and producers, wanting to keep it a "surprise." Billboard confirmed she is working with established songwriters, and Amaro said "I look for songs that are connected to real life scenarios -- love songs, breakups, getting hurt, finding the strength to keep on pushing in life." Amaro said she and Simon Cowell were not working to have the album out by the time X Factor returns in the fall, but did say that there emay be a single out by then. 


Demi Lovato performs "Give Your Heart A Break" on the Today Show

In promotion of her MTV documentary, Stay Strong, Demi Lovato appeared on NBC's The Today Show to perform her single "Give Your Heart a Break." Demi shut it down as usual, considering how hard of a song GYHAB is to sing, and she was sick at that.. It may not be up by much and not have traction, but the single is now within the top 50 of mainstream airplay. In light of the documentary's premiere, the single has for the first time, entered the top 200 on iTunes. Read more to view the performance.


Keri Hilson talks 3rd album; nabs move role

Since acting like Beyonce doesn't exist, we've heard very little from R&B chanteuse Keri Hilson in the past few months. However, Hilson is headed to the big screen, earning a role in the new Vin Diesel flick, The Chronicles of Riddick: Dean Man Stalking. Miss Keri Baby is also working on new music! She told AOL's TheBoombox about plans for her new album, sound and why she isn't "taking on many shows" (....) Read more to see what Hilson said.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Video: Brandy & Monica - "It All Belongs to Me"


Brandy and Monica have premiered the video for their single, "It All Belongs to Me." Although I still can't get over the song's ratchet lyrics, they do sing the heck out of it. First of all both divas look absolutely stunning in all shots of the video! Luckily this video adds a whole nothing dimension to the song, although it could have had a solid inventive storyline. Great job ladies!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Posthumous Aaliyah album is being prepared!

Great news for the music world and fans of late R&B singer Aaliyah! It has been revealed that the singer's first posthumous album is in the works! The singer, who died in a fatal plane crash in 2001, would have celebrated her 33rd birthday in January. Jeffery J-Dub Walker, the producer of several of Aaliyah's songs revealed a song "Steady Ground" which features the late Static Major would be included on the upcoming album. The are no ifs ands or buts about it, you will check for the Princess's new music! Read more to hear the initial demo version of "Steady Ground"


New Video: Travis Porter f/Tyga - "Ayy Ladies"

The video for the Travis Porter & Tyga collaboration, "Ayy Ladies" has been revealed. The duo first premiered the song back in December when performing at a concert in the Great Hall at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Recently, the song has risen in urban & rhythmic airplay as well as hip-hop digital charts. After bursting onto the scene with the song "Go Shorty Go," the group got breakthroughs with their singles "Make It Rain" and "Bring It Back." "Ayy Ladies" is the first cut from their debut album. Read more to view the video.


Jennifer Lopez readies new single and Greatest Hits

Although she nabbed one of the most coveted gigs in the industry and had a massive global chart topping single, Jennifer Lopez never made a big splash with her latest album Love?. Now she is trying to garner some success by repacking all of her hits, equipped with a new single entitled "Dance, Love & Dance Again." Long title. Filming has already started for the video for the RedOne-produced single. Hopefully Jenny can deliver.


Cheryl Cole taps Calvin Harris for upcoming single

Cheryl Cole is back with a vengeance and to help her conquer the charts this go-around she has enlisted now-popular "We Found Love" producer Calvin Harris along with buddy With Will's help, Cole is set to try for the US market with this album, and the new single is said to be "an electro tinged dance floor romp with a 4-on-the-floor breakdown." The follow-up album to her sophomore set, Messy Little Raindrops is coming soon. The question is, will you be checking for Ms. Tweedy Cole?



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